Oral surgery

Alejandro Castaño Aguilar

Specialties: Surgery and Periodontics.
Work days: Mondays.

Dr. Alejandro Castaño Aguilar has a “Degree in Dentistry” from the European University of Madrid since 2007.


During these years he has studied different masters and specialties:

«Master in Periodontics and Implants» by the University of Seville
«Master in Guided Tissue Regeneration» by the University of Seville.
«Official Master’s Degree in Health Sciences» by the University of Seville.
Member of the «Spanish Society of Stomatognathic and Aesthetic Prosthesis».
Member of the «Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration»


In 2008 he started a residency with Dr. Pedro Lázaro in Madrid, and they are currently working together in the “Perio & Implant Clinic” in Madrid. Both are opinion leaders of the most recognized Spanish implant house, Klockner.


He teaches at the universities of Seville and Valladolid. He is an associate professor in implant and periodontics masters.


His dedication is exclusive in surgery on implants and bone regeneration. He has collaborated in the “Dr Rull Clinic” since its inauguration in 2015.

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