Aesthetics, Biological Medicine

José Luis Rull García

Specialties: General Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine, Biological Medicine.
Training: Master in Aesthetic Medicine, Master in Biological Medicine.
Workdays: Mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays, fridays.

Dr. Jose Luis Rull García has a degree in Medicine from the University of Granada since 1979.


He has completed several master’s degrees:

«Master in Aesthetic Medicine»
«Master in Biological Medicine» with Dr. O´byrne.


He is the founder of the “Lasain Clinic” in 1985 (where the clinic is now located) and he has maintained the medical center as one of the health referents in Ibiza. In 2014 he created «Ibiza Medical Certificates» and since 2015 he is the medical director of the new «Dr. Rull Clinic».


He has 38 years of experience as a doctor, 25 in Biological Medicine, laser pain treatment and in ozone serum therapy. He collaborates in prestigious clinics in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Granada and Marbella.

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