Pediatric dentistry

Marta Pérez Ródenas

Specialties: Pediatric dentistry, Orthodontics and orthopedics.
Workdays: Wednesdays, thursdays, fridays.

Dr. Marta Pérez Rodenas has a “Degree in Dentistry” from the University of Valencia since 2010.


During these years she has studied different masters and specialties:

«Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry» by the SCOE (Societat Catalana d’Odontologia i Estomatologia).
«Master in Orthodontics and Orthopedics» by the University of Salamanca (ongoing).
«Inhalation conscious sedation» by the University of Valencia.


She has worked in different specialties during her first years of profession, both in an adult patient and a pediatric patient. In recent years she has decided to devote herself completely to the pediatric field, her greatest vocation.


She has been the pioneer in nitrous oxide treatment in Ibiza to control anxiety at the dentist. This has allowed her to address cases that until recently, due to their complexity, should be referred to medical centers outside the island.


Born in Valencia, she has lived in Ibiza since 2013. She works in different clinics, but she spends most of her time in the “Dr. Rull Clinic” where she performs the most complex treatments.

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