Orthodontics and orthopedics

Enjoy a beautiful smile thanks to orthodontics.

This area of dentistry is what allows specialists to prevent and diagnose abnormalities of shape, position, function and relation of teeth, so the teeth’s position can be corrected with the help of devices and exercises, thus restoring your ideal shape. It is used in both children and adults.


Orthodontic treatments have the advantage of providing the patient a healthy mouth, a pleasant-looking smile and teeth that are more likely to last a lifetime. In Dr. Rull Clinic we carry out an exhaustive study of each case to achieve the expected results in your smile. Our specialists are qualified to determine what orthodontic treatment you need, based on diagnostic elements, such as complete medical and dental history, clinical examination, radiographs and photographs.


We count with all orthodontic alternatives. Discover which one suits your needs best:


Metal Braces
They are made with surgical stainless steel and will allow you to show off your smile in a short time and with excellent results. While you are wearing this treatment you can wear colored rubber bands and give your smile a touch of joy. Ask our specialists!


Aesthetic braces
This treatment is ideal for patients who care about their aesthetics because they adapt to the color of your teeth. You will have a perfect result in a longer time.


Invisible Braces
They are individualized transparent splints that you can remove and put on following the instructions of your doctor, whose manufacturation is based on the prior planning of the treatment objectives in a computerized way (virtual planning through software).


We are specialists in Invisaling and Alineadent. We assure you to take the exact measures at the time of the elaboration of your splint in the laboratory, in order to achieve excellent results.


Dr. Rull Clinic will give you back that smile you want so much. Remember that our commitment is your best smile!


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