Patricia Vacas Vidal

Specialty: Periodontics.
Workdays: Mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays, fridays.

The hygienist Patricia Vacas has extensive experience in dental clinic where she has performed different tasks both in the cabinet and in the operating room. She is specialized in Periodontics by the «Societat Catalana d´Odontologia i Estomatología», and dedicates most of her time to periodontics and auxiliary work in children’s sedation.


Why dental hygienist?

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Odontologists felt overwhelmed by the large amount of emergencies and the dreadful oral state with which the patients arrived being, in the majority of cases, extraction the only solution.


For this reason, the figure of the Oral Hygienist was created, who had to deal with oral hygiene education, teaching patients how to brush their teeth properly, and preventing oral diseases through prophylaxis or cleanings.


At Dr. Rull Clinic we never forget this role and we are very aware of its importance. Regardless of the complexity of the treatment, the involvement of our Hygienist with our patients is maximum. Advising them regarding their hygiene education, indistinctively of their age.


Her experience in the dental sector has taught her that each patient is unique, with special needs, so their treatments must be personalized, taking the necessary time to help them in a global way.

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