Pediatric dentistry

Comprehensive pediatric dentistry service led by Dr. Marta Pérez Rodenas, a specialist with many years of experience on the island.

Pediatric dentistry is a specialty within dentistry with specialized care in patients of child and youth age. This field is concerned with the health and oral development of children. The pediatric dentist thoroughly knows temporary teeth, growth stages, preventive measures and the most appropriate treatment for each child.


The treatments we offer meet the highest standards of pediatric dentistry, which allows us to provide both preventive and curative care for children, from early childhood to the end of their growth.


We have an inhalation sedation unit (conscious sedation), an option for children who usually show phobia to the dentist, few collaborators or with special needs, which allows the specialist to perform the treatment safely.


In Dr. Rull Clinic we know that there is nothing that worries us more than the health of our children, that is why we have created modern facilities, accessible and adapted to children, which hand in hand with our specialists will turn your visit into a pleasant experience within a favorable environment for them.

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