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We specialize in myofunctional therapy and oropharyngeal dysphagia. The only clinic in Ibiza that has a specialist in the field.

What is myofunctional orofacial therapy?


Myofunctional Therapy is the discipline that studies the balance of functions (stomatognathic), as well as (breathing, suction, chewing, swallowing, speech …) and orofacial motor skills.


The study of morphological alterations of the stomatoglosognathic system is a complex puzzle between structures and functionality. The speech therapist specialist in myofunctional therapy is the professional in charge of preventing, detecting, evaluating, diagnosing and treating orofacial alterations or dysfunctions through myofunctional therapy and seeking balance.


Oropharyngeal Dysphagia


Eating is a pleasure and a form of social interaction and celebration. Meetings always revolve around a table. We do not realize how important food is for us until it is affected. Patients who suffer from dysphagia generate feelings of isolation, anxiety, low self-esteem, and prefer to eat in times and spaces different from the others… this can affect them on a social level. “I can no longer eat as a family as before because I have difficulties”, “I take too much time to eat because of my difficulties and I am ashamed”, “I cannot go to restaurants because of my restrictions and food adaptations (thickeners, maneuvers…)”, “I don’t want to eat because I’m afraid of choking… ”. All these questions are posed by a person who suffers from dysphagia, his life ceases to be as before and his quality of life is affected. That is why it is so important to intervene on time in these cases and prevent your life from being affected by doing a good job of rehabilitation and treatment. Family plays a very important role not only in the accompaniment of the person with impaired swallowing, but also in the monitoring and participation of the treatment at home. Therefore, detecting it in time means that you do not move away from your loved ones in everyday life.


Dysphagia is an alteration associated with discomfort or difficulty to swallow. The person suffering from this symptom has difficulty forming the food bolus in the mouth or to make it move from the mouth to the stomach. In this process, if any alteration occurs, the patient may feel a foreign body sensation, as if he “has something standing there” in the neck, coughing or even choking. Patients with dysphagia have a high risk of suffering aspirations of the food to the lung, therefore, greater risk of pneumonia, bronchitis, malnutrition, weight loss … that can be complicated in hospital admissions and compromise our health, so we must avoid it, detecting it in time and putting you in the hands of professionals specialized in the field such as the speech therapist trained in dysphagia.

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